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Get ahead in your job search by working with an experienced Career Coach connecting you to exciting opportunities across North America. From market-positioning and interview success to negotiating your best offer possible, have your next steps outlined to land the right role. 

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Have a burning question about work you want to privately discuss? From career advancement to career pivots, workplace conflicts and toxic work cultures, we're here to listen and help where possible. Book a complimentary 15 minute session with an experienced Career Coach to gain clarity on your next steps.

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Get Connected 

Oftentimes, what separates you from your dream job is a warm connection. Networking may not come naturally to you, or you may be limited with your current networking portals.  It takes time to establish your credibility in the market and have the right people take notice.

With support from an established network across industries in North America, you can start attracting opportunities sooner. Get access to mentors, referrals, and new networking portals to start expanding your reach now. 

With Beam, you can tackle your barriers in career advancement, frame the right language, and have you resonate with your target audience in your chosen field to land appealing offers, sooner.


Earn A Higher Salary

Negotiating your best offer requires striking a balance between courage and humility. Learn how to present yourself as the right person for the role and communicate effectively to make your candidacy stand out as the obvious choice. Leverage rationale in your negotiations to increase the value of your total compensation package, without scaring employers away by pricing out or miscommunicating.

Know your worth and determine whether you are low-balling and how this might be working against you in your job search. Imposter syndrome may be holding back your earning potential. Discover how to overcome fear in pitching yourself and get comfortable talking about money.

Whether you are seeking to negotiate a raise or a new job offer, Beam can help you get there. 

Seeking Layoff Support?

In the wake of mass layoffs due to COVID-19 we've put together a free ebook touching some of the below areas of concern for job seekers to help them bounce back in their career. If you've been laid off or know someone that has been laid off click the button to get the ebook and feel free to share with your network. 

Work through your Emotions

  • Daily Journal Prompts

Gain Career Clarity

  • Needs and Wants
  • Salary Resources

Win at Interviewing

  • Understand the Recruitment Process
  • Best-Practices and Timelines for Following Up
  • Lean into your Network for Referrals
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